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 Spodnie rybaczki Natalia
<b>Spodnie rybaczki Natalia</b>

Dodaj do schowka <b>Spodnie rybaczki Natalia</b>   Add to Cart: <b>Spodnie rybaczki Natalia</b>
 Sportowa koszulka fitness NICOLITA
Sportowa koszulka fitness NICOLITA

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 Legginsy, spodnie - korsarki Gabi
<b>Legginsy, spodnie - korsarki Gabi</b>

Dodaj do schowka <b>Legginsy, spodnie - korsarki Gabi</b>   Add to Cart: <b>Legginsy, spodnie - korsarki Gabi</b>
milk industrial products and Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ferti

Our two companies are located in eastern Poland: Abcfitness.eu and AGROBIZNES.EU Ltd.
We offer products from the current production of the local dairy cooperatives (5). Products: skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, whey powder Sweet, sweet whey powder demineralized, demineralised whey powder Sweet 50% low protein.

We would like to establish long-term co-operation as an exporter of dairy products in of the region Podlasie and  fertilizer nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium produced in Belarus - the types of fertilizers available in the table below.

As an exporter of Polish products we offer cooperation under the conditions set by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego SA under the government program supporting Polish export products. Accepted forms of payment L/C documentary credit with deferred payment up to 1 years, the standard 90 days.

Transactions may be irregular, but the minimum amount is a 20 feet and 40 feet container, comprising a single type of product.

I, as president Agrobiznes.eu Ltd. and as a coordinator of the export business in Abcfitness.EU I have experience with working in foreign trade in 1995-2003, the company's imports of soybeans and corn from South America, and as a market commodity broker Warsaw Commodity Exchange. We invite you to submit queries through our contact form (contact), or automatic fax +48 85 731 17 61. Please immediately run shipping fax !!

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agrobiznes.eu offer

agrobiznes.eu offer

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TEXT_DO_SCHOWKAagrobiznes.eu offer   TEXT_DO_KOSZYKAagrobiznes.eu offer

Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer

Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer

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TEXT_DO_SCHOWKANitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer   TEXT_DO_KOSZYKANitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer

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